Community Health is critical to the survival of our cities and society. Community health addresses the health of everyone living, breathing and working in that community. We design innovative health fairs, health education workshops and activities for all ages, genders and ethnic groups.

Workplace Wellness Program Design

Workplace wellness programs can have an incredible impact on the health of a business or organization. Consider this: healthy employees who are happy to come to work and who contribute to the growth of the company. Research shows that workplace wellness contributes to less absentism and more productivity. Let us custom design a program for your company. Large or small, a healthy workplace is a happy workplace.
Community Health Promotion

Health and wellness news is always changing. We stay on top of the current information in health and wellness and are ready to help your organization or group prepare and stay informed of any changes in health and wellness as it applies to your employees, their families, your organization and community. 

Health Promotion and Wellness Program Design and Consulting Services by Dr. Ruthy Watson

Research and Education